Monday, May 01, 2006

Dream no25

How about that dream....its very complicated, I can't yet find a way of telling it. I mean I've seen it four times but its not like something you tell in real language, its very abstract. I will take a shot at it tonight. OK.

Let me try. I am at my grandma's. My two youngest counsins S and her brother R are there. Everyone, not only us, but everyone is so afraid. A war might start you see. But, it is possible to stop it, we just have to solve a riddle. Its not really a riddle like in the usual sense but a "problem" in general.

So I start thinking about it. The first time I solve it, I do that not using a pen and paper but using "myself". I know this is very strange, this is why I said the dream is hard to explain. I use myself like I am a computer and I use myself to solve the problem.

This is very hard, I mean using myself. Becuase I go through strange phases. I don't remember them all, but one of them is screaming very loud. Anyway, everything works finally. The problem is solved and the war is stopped. Then I solve the problem another time, using a pen and paper. This time its just easy, I write it.

3 very recurrent things in my dreams are war, robberys and riddles or problems I have to solve. So that's natural. In this sense its a normal dream. But maybe the middle part makes no sense. The thing is, the dream is very strong. Its very strong sensations and ideas, so its a dream that I remembered very well, becuase it felt very true. However, these sensation and ideas are not from our life, and I don't think I can explain better. Lame dream, forget about it.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dream no24

I was in my bead, but my bed was not in my room. It was in a big, calm and very beautiful garden. Behind me there was a tree with bright red flowers, a pommegrenade tree. On the left were some flowers and the rest was very fresh green grass. It was night and there was the most gentle breese.A carriage drove by my bed. Out of the window a reptile-person looked out. A WHAT, you will ask? It was like a person but with the head and skin of a snake, ok. It had very bright eyes. They were blue. It was a girl, I thought. It looked at me with its bright eyes and drove away.I sat in my bed, looking around at the garden. I could hear birds singing and I saw a little black bird fly into the pommegrenade tree. I wanted to catch it. I got out of my bed and went to the tree, the bird didn't move and just kept singing. I caught it in my hand and went back to my bed.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dream no23

I was in a blue room. Every thing was blue. Even I was dressed in blue. Not the blue I like but a rather oily blue. It was cool, I just walked around the room. Lap after lap. I was not bored. In fact I seemed to forget every lap at the end and rediscover the room again.

There was this one time, where I looked behind me and saw a horse running around the room with me. I jumped on the horse -which was red by the way- and went on around the room...

It was like the room was made of sand and collapsed suddenly. First a big part of it fell down, then it kind of trickled away. I asked myself "What?" and the horse looked back at me and said "What?"...and just ran away

Dream no22

Last night I went to sleep with a headache. I didn't sleep well. While sleeping I hurt my shoulder very bad. It has been killing me all day long. Also since the only two things I do these day is work on my computer and practice the piano I have had a very painful day. Still, I worked really well today. When my shoulder started hurting me I was asleep and saw a dream.....

There were these people walking inside my shoulder. I don't know if I was the giant or they the dwarfs, but to me they were tiny. They were tiny and hiding in my shoulder doing the worst things to it. For once the dream was associated with a real sensation, when they did something that hurt it hurt really.

But then they disappeared. I went and opened the TV and what I saw -we're still in the dream- was that every news channel in the world was accusing me of having eaten those tiny people. --To be honest, in the dream, I didn't see how they got into my shoulder.

So its not sure wether I ate them or not. But still, I found that extremely unfair. So I was being assasinated in the media. The dream became totaly unbearable, so I woke up. It was very refreshing to find out that I was still an anonymous person, however my shoulder has been hurting me more and more since then.

Dream no21

I was in a library, with Lorel & hardy. All three of us had guns. I don't know much about guns, but there were the James Bond fancy type guns, with mufflers, or whatever those things that make the gun shoot without making noise are called.

We were hiding behind bookshelves and even on top of them at times. It turns out we were snipers. --Now I am really ashamed of this, in a way. But ok we all have violent impulses.

So some people start coming in and we, being snipers, snipe them. When you snipe someone in this dream they make a very funny face and go to sleep. I suppose that is how they die. Each person makes a different funny face. --So the dream was really funny.

I saw like 10 different funny faces. Well, the dream doesn't really have an end. I just go on sniping people and they go on making funny faces. The game of life, very simply.


Dream no20

A wiered dream that started as a nightmare...

In this dream I am sitting with a whole bunch of people, feeling really good with them. Like I knew them for a long time. We were sitting on black chairs around a marble table. The scene is nice but it keeps changing irrationally.

People disappear and reappear and the decore changes by itself. It is GREATELY distressing. I was litterally chocking in my sleep when this was happening. (But I'm ok now, and it was nothing just un do you say that.)

All this is very frightening as I said. I am afraid the good things I have gotten used to are going away. The thing is, the change soon arrives at me, and I disapear but continue to see the scene.

What's great is that I am not scared at all after that. I disappear and its over, luckily.

Dream no19

I dreamed that I was a baby. I was dressed very strange. I had a black bonnet and black and white overalls. Looked like a checker board.

My father -my father in the dream is not my real father- is singing for me. Then all of a sudden, this guy -supposed to be our neighbor- rushes into the picture and starts accusing us of stealig from his house. Well, I can't speak since I am a baby. However my dad can but he doesn't. Instead the guy keeps shouting and calling us theives all the dream.

This wasn't a very good dream. It annoyed me more that anything else. But I found baby me very funny, especially his clothes. Merci de Votre Attention.

Dream no18

In advance I am really sorry. This dream is not at all pleasant.

I am sitting alone in a cafe. There are many tables. On some tables there are my friends, but they are far and I just wave to them and they cheerfully wave back. But on a closer table there are two men, one has a beard and is wearing a bonnet and the other one looking very girlish and dressed really bad. The second one also had this very strange voice, like a young boy's but very unnatural.

Anyway, I am sitting alone and my friends are far and these two freaks start saying all sorts of mean things -to each other- about me right next to me. They obviously wanted me to hear them, or so I thought. I spend the most horrid 5 minutes in my life pretending I didn't here them.

To forget about them, I start looking out the window, but I see people fighting and its even worse. This makes me give up on trying to escape this bad atmosphere, I just sit there waitting for better times to come.

Dream no17

I dreamt I was sitting in a purple tent with dimm light. I was sitting on a wooden chair and in front of a round wooden table. Across the table there was this kind of fortuneteller lady. She didn't look all that dark and exotic, just a nice 50ish lady.

So I drink my coffee and give her the cup so that she can read my future in it. The moment she opens her mouth she starts to speak what I thought was chinese, so I can't understand...

she is more and more alarmed and starts to shout, so I stand up and leave.

Actually I had this dream right before waking up. I woke up at 7 and fell asleep again until 12 and I saw this dream like just before 12...of course you know time is distorted in dreams, so it might have been houres long...voila

Dream no16

My sister sent me this

Dear Bro, I want to tell about a dream I saw.

I saw that I worked for an advertising company. Some people asked me to create an add for them. They told me that it was very important that I take the idea from a movie.

So they brought the movie and I sat down to watch it. Actually I sit in a chaise longue behind a big white villa and the movie is being projected on the wall, I am wearing my pygeamas. The film is about drug dealers and stuff like that...

The first thing I think of is that I am so embarrased to be sitting in my pygeamas in the I take one of my covers that are in my bed - I don't know how it appeared - and I cover myself with it.

As soon as I do that, I start getting the sensation that this movie is for real. There are real people behind the screen doing this and I get scared, I have nothing to do with this drug dealing stuff...

The people behind the screen start to feel that I am onto them and they carry my chaise longue and take me away from the Villa...FIN

Dream no15: Olivia's Dream

After my sis, The Dream Blog features Olivia.

I dreamed I was close with a French-German family -now I'm beginning to think, rather like the von Trapps. They were unbelievably wealthy, and I went to their large country estate - I don't know what country it was in. We had a great picnic in the garden with all the members of the family. At the end the father had to drive me home in one of their cars, a small convertible coupe - a vintage model, which was funny because he looked like a person right out of the 1940s any way, with wire-rimmed glasses and a fedora. Throughout the dream, I felt like a special, honoured person. FINI

Dream no14

While Piano, Olivia and Jia Li are having their nice little chatt in the comments to the last post I had this dream.

Piano is waitting for me in a big forest with many ponds all over it, bright silver coloured water is in those ponds. I arrive and say hello and we start talking and then another girl we know comes and we talk for a whole and then piano and I decide to sing.

Now the truth is we have horrible voices both of us. But still we sing and really do good just because we do it in a funny way. We then leave the forst to a like spanish style garden, overlooking, through a golden fence, a white river.

Then a guy joins us and he is a real singer, a pro. But we say huh, we are going to teach you how to sing and we set out in an amazing duetto that has all the garden applauding us.

At the end of the dream I am blaming my father for not letting us become singers because we are exceptional really --in fact we are horrible-- but then I turn to the guy and I tell him a joke.

Something very strange happened then I started laughing while I was asleep. I don't know if this ever happened to you guys but I really was sleeping and really laughing, but then I laughed so strong that it woke me up.

Dream no13

Yesterday, or like this morning, I saw a dream, a nightmare in fact. Well not really a nightmare but a rather annoying dream, here we go...

I was going back to my home, for the holidays. So I took the plane and went their, and my parents met me at the airport. - This situation is irreal by the way, I don't need a plane to go home, a car does it - and then we went home and I was having a really good time.

My vacation, in the dream where supposed to last two months. The first thing is it kept snowing all the time, but still we spent all the time on the beach. And then, one month into the holidays, we went to the airport.

I thought it was just to buy the ticket back but it turns out they wanted to trick me and put me on a plane back to work before the end of the holidays. At first I was really angry but I decided to act.

The car was passing by a yellow cab. I left the car - in fact I disappeared from the car and appeared in the cab - and the cab driver turned out to be a really important person at the airport and I asked him to help me and let me stay for one more he said yes ad then I found myself in the street and the cab was moving away from me, so I started running after it....and I ran and ran and the cab was so fast and kept getting further...

Dream no12

I am stainding Syntagma square -constitution square in Athens- by the steps. I am all alone and the faint, hot wind is lifting a small layer of dust off the white floor. Making it turn in the air.

I am alone, and I look in all directions and see no one and I like the calm. But as soon as I have this tought the Bavarian troops appear at the horizon. To confront them, I wear my football clothes, I am a golie by the way, and face them.

Protecting the door of the Parliament, like it was a goal in fact. The Bavarians arrive, and at their head I see Ronaldo, he dismountes, takes of his like General's suite and appears in his Brazile outfit.

Now the gate of the parliament is a goal and I have to stop a penalty... He shoots , I block his shot. That's it. And then the dream ends with his sitting on the ground and crying..poor Roni

Dream no11

Before I tell you my 11th dream, I would like to remember this English teacher of mine. He once told me he had had a dream in episodes. Everyday he would see a bit and the rest the next day, I should say night.

The world of dreams is amazing. More news from the world of dreams. My sister had a dream with subtitles. The people were speaking a different language in the dream. That's the news from the world of dreams this week. Now to my dream...

Dream No11:

A moment of perpetual fear for me, waking up. In this dream I wake up and as usual I am late. I want to jump into my jeans - the same ones I have been wearing for two whole weeks now. Usually I really dress very carefully but now I have this programming job that it eating my time- As soon as I get into the jeans I shrink and become a dwarf.

I fall down the jeans, luckily I don't take a fall I just slide down, and go out through the bottom -where you have your feet usually - when I go out I don't find myself on the ground in my room. I am by this wall. I know there is something really nice to see on the other side. but I am just too small to cross.

Actually the wall -now I think- must not have been really high for a normal size person, only for the dwarf I was it was imense. I tried to ask the many people who were crossing it, and who seemed really helpful, but whenever anyone talked to me I would hear nothing.

Finally this really gentlemanly looking guy stopped. "How do you do Sir"..and he told me everything. I could not possibly pass the wall being naked. It was just not acceptable, he said. Having understood that I crawled back up my jeans and wore them -don't ask me how since I was a dwarf I don't know. And that was about when I really woke up.

Dream no10

I find myself at a train station. A foggy atmosphere cripples my emotions and I am waitting for some sign through the fog and avoiding my own thoughts. Its like a numbness I want to ignore.

A train arrives and I take it. Its rails embrace the curves of a hill in the middle of a beautiful plane made of a puzzle of coulours. Rectangular patches of violet, green, yellow, red and green with violet dots in it. The scene is beautiful but the train is so closed and it feels really annoying being in such a closed place.

I open the window and breath fresh air. The scenery changes as we descend the hill. Now its grean plains with cows sitting in them. Three cows are close together like they are talking and as I watch them a shadow stands behind me and it gets stronger and stronger and dominates me and when I finally surrender to it it tells me to go down and watch the cows, and so I do.

Funny thing as soon as I get down the train leaves. I am stranded, lost, and worst of all defeated. But then I get a great idea, I ride a cow and run and the cow is faster than any horse train or anything and it brings me back home.

Dream no9

The first dream where I fight with someone.

In this dream I am walking just outside my place. I pass by one of my favourite restaurants, a chinese. The waitress approaches me and with her funny accent tells me they are having a problem putting tables out in the street.

I really did not understand what she meant, but I felt I exactly knew what I should do. I stood in front of the door jumped very high up in the air and when I reached second floor I pulled the curtains down and they streched like gum and made an umbrella in front of the restaurant. Now although this worked out nice I really felt suffocated under this umbrella and I start having visions of this I guy I really realy really hate at school.

I even hate him more because I am often jealouse of him. . .in these visions I fought with him. He would disapeare and reappeare right next to me to hit me but I really got mad and started throwing cicks in all directions and fighting with the air so that whenever he came near me he couldn't hit me..finally the suffocating feeling left and I continued my sleep for a long time.

Dream no8: My sister's Dream

For the first time this is a dream someone else saw.

My sister is at this reception where a prince is going to read his poetry. He is a prince and a poet you see. So she sits with the audience and everyone is really looking fancy and cool and its really a place you would like to be, beautiful things all around.

At the end my sister goes to thank the prince or ask for his autograph, I can't remember what she told me, so he says hello and then there is this other older prince that comes along and they are speaking together all three of them.

Then the older prince appears with a two-year-old baby (I can't remember if it was a boy or a girl) . Actually its his grand son/daughter and he tells my sister that he really needs her to keep his grandchild.

So my sister has to keep the grandchild of this prince. My sister trys to make contact with the baby and to her happiness ans surprise he/she speaks perfectly well, just like a grown up. Its really fun how my sister is called Maria and she dreams of a child speaking in the cradle. Does hat remind you of another Maria. (I am sorry sis for this remark)

Now she brings the baby to me, so that he might meet his "uncle" and he (maybe she) really likes me alot and is going uncle Steliano this uncle Steliano that...Then my mother came and woke her up.

So the dream really has no ending bu its really sister's imagination is really very different and original and just great. This girl rules.

Dream no7

American Dream:

I am in Michigan, in the middle of a blizzard. I am wearing my green puma football outfin I really used to like about 4 years ago.

Anyway, I am in shorts and its snowing so hard.. I walk and walk and the wind has something personal against me, its just biting me like a shark. There is no one else in the street, but still I feel so opressed and this makes me fear some presence that wants to hurt me.

Out of an ally a green toyota corolla comes blazing in my direction, its clear the driver wants to hit me. The car barely touches me and stops. I am not hurt and I look inside the car and find no one. I hope in and, feeling very cold, I close the windows. As soon as I do that the AC goes on even worse than the blizzard outside.

For a moment I am like fuck it, I want to wake up, but then I move back to the back seat, where it is warm and cosy and continue my sleep.

Dream no6

"Home is where the heart is" (a really smart-ass person..really)

I am riding behind this greek style military leader in the desert. In the dream he is noone, I like to think its Alexander the great. He turns around and gives me a peach, its smell is that of fond memories. But, since we are in the desert and I am really hungry, I want to eat it.

As soon as I tried to eat it, it started getting bigger. And the more I tried the bigger it got, until it finally became of huge proportions and took over the desert scene. A door appeared in it. I don't why, but I entered.

Inside was this eastern style city. A long souk where the colours of the whole world came together under the brazen look of the merchants. I let my legs lead me, the walk was very enjoyable and after a very long time I came to this theatre where a short chubby singer was giving an amazing performance of some mowashah (for the non initiated: arabo-andalusian form of rythmic singing)...the song was transceding, but I soon realised that fat fuck was eating my peach..

I ran onto the stage and as soon as I got there he disappeared, and when I turned around I didn't see the audience but the medeterranean sea and I was not on a stage but on a rocky cliff over the sea, with a beautiful fig tree behind me.

The end.

Dream no5

"Life Goes On.." (some smart-ass person)

I am at the window of my room, in my parents' house. An invisible force is pushing me out, it's making me want to jump but also making me afraid...a second is enough. I am in the air.

I start falling but I am not frightened. I get lighter and lighter, and though I continue to fall I fall very slowly - like a parachute- and I am virtually flying..

I overfly the city near sunset..its very calm and no one pays attention to me. I fly closer to the harbour and am going to land on a ship.

Light as I was in the air, I become so heavy when my feet touch the ship, and it breakes in half under my weight. From the crack emerges a big rock, a motor boat is cruising by it, the people on the harbour are dressed in seventies style, mauve is the coulor of the day and I am standing on the rock.

I feel that this can last for a long time, so why not wait. I just sit there and watch calmly as people go by..

Dream no4

"W Daret el 2ayam" (a7mad shafi5 kamal)

Me and my sister are walking by a river. It is a very fresh and calm night and the dark cool water seems to take away all sadness with its calm current, playing with the low leaves of poplar trees.

A boat harmoniously drifts with the current, we get on and ask the sailor to take us to the concert _ I don't remember whose it was _ but on our way in the boat we were to have the greatest concert of our lives.

For at the end of the boat appeared none but the Star of The East Om Kolthoom, dressed in scintillating white. Anyway - no not anyway, it was could actually hear her in the dream - we get off the boat and head towards the concert. There are many people there, but all of a sudden gunshots are heard and people are very scared and start to run away...we run too, almost becuase everyone is running.

I carry my sister on my back and run until we enter a very dense jungle, like in Mowgly or something, and there we are safe.

Dream no3

"The malady of love is shyness" (Naguib Mahfooz)

I woke up to write this one, so definitely spelling mistakes! (2:15 a.m)

In this dream I go to sleep and dream. In my dream inside the dream I am walking down the road outside my place by a beautiful sunny day. The Alpes mountains are of a shining green. A girl with brass coloured hair is in the street. Things then get hazy but the next thing I know I am talking to the girl and we are laughing together. Then the dream inside my dream ends as I wake up and go to school.

We finish the first class and go out on the terrace - there is one at my school - and who do I meet there? The girl from the dream. Well, we notice each other, smile, I walk up to her and...Freeze. I can think of nothing to say. She walks away, I turn around and run down the stairs.

Normally there are some 20 steps, but they get longer and longer and it feels they are infinite and go down endlessly, but then the sea shines near the last step. A white whale appears out of the water, opens its mouth and I jump in and in a magestic swimm the whale takes me to the magical underwater world.

Dream no2

"Twenty days yesterday, in the winedark sea" (The Odyssey)

This dream takes place on a ship. It is an old Spanish conquistador kind of ship, sales 'n all. The sea is furious, dark black waves are playing with the proud frigate, bullying it as is sways helplessly.

In one of the cabins, all my class from first year -I am now in fourth year- in college, with me, are having a Physics lesson. Our notorious teacher- but to utter his name would bring to you all the terrors of the apocalypse - is explaining a discrete version of the equations of elasticity.

Finite difference equations lead to a linear system, as it stood it was 6 equations. At that precise moment, the ship rumbles and the sea pulls our minds away from the absract pleasures of elasticity to plunge them into its fears. Well actually the ship shakes somewhat hard, but in the dream it's a big deal.

I kind of realise that the system on the board represents the ship, but I am unable to solve it. Only then a guy I usually really don't like - he is short, has a goatie and always dresses in white with a black baseball cap, and this is in real life not my dream - reads my mind and dashes to the board and shows that the system is incompatible...this means it is "meaningless", yet, as I said, it is the key to owr salvation.

To tell you the truth I had never liked that guy. The system is not incompatible, it is only him who had made a mistake. It solves really nice and we use it to fix the ship into a position where the waves can not affect it.

P.S. I hope my ex-colleague in white never comes across this post.

Dream no1

In my dream I live in Persia. My house is one room with a window that gives on a lake where dolphines perform amazing stunts, in particular, flying. The background are the majestic mountains of Iran.

I spend all my time playing football and every night a bearded guy comes to blame me for wasting my time on such a worldly thing as football. Life goes on pretty well until one day a concert for a great russian singer is announced.

Everyone is so excited and I go to the concert. The only problem is no one speaks russian, so I propose to translate and actually do a really good job and end up being the hero of the day. Only then, Cesar's army arrives. Led By Cezar himself, they look very much like in "Age of Empires".

As they line up to confront the army of the King of Kings, the God among Men and the Man among Gods, Sapur son of Ardheshir the Great, an earthquake threatens them all. A brilliant soldier from Cesar's army - he had participated in the Seige of Cyracuse, walks to the space between the two armys and plants his spear in the ground. When the earthquake starts, nothing shakes except the spear and we are all saved.

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